Monatsarchiv: Juni 2011

25.07. Portable Book Fair Berlin

Last Saturday, unfortunately at the same time as the Transgenialer CSD parade (that we joined later), the first Portable Book Fair Berlin took place at Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin-Neukölln. Nice setting. Nice people. Nice zines. We are happy to have … Weiterlesen

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„bob …is bored“ out now!

Just in time for the Anarchist Bookfairyet another Wald release came out. „bob …is bored“ is the first issue of a series of stupid, little comic books featuring the dinosaur or dragon or whatever bob reflecting on the state of … Weiterlesen

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18.06. Anarchist Bookfair Stockholm

Wald will be present with a table at this year’s Anarchist Bookfair in Stockholm and We Shoould Be Hippies! will play its first show ever there. More info [here].

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„a forest inside“ out now!

A new zine by Jan Tölva just came out. It is called „a forest inside“ and contains short prose in English language plus photos. 20 pages din a5 in b/w. Available via [email] for 1,- or 2,- (whatever you are … Weiterlesen

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29.06. Folk Punk and Vegan BBQ

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We Should Be Hippies!

Wald-related antifolk/nerdfolk project We Should Be Hippies! launched a bandcamp site, where you can listen to and download a first six song demo. More to come very soon!

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